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Petit Dances

for violin and piano

Composition details


Violin, Piano


Engela Suzuki Violin Studio


c. 14'

Year of composition


  1. The Swaying Crocodile

  2. Waltz

  3. The Farewell Waltz

  4. March of the Bears

  5. Frogs of the Danube

  6. Dance of the Flowers

  7. Dance of the Clouds

  8. The Monkey Rag

  9. Dance of the Trolls

  10. Dance of the Fairies


Backtracks for all the movements are available for online download.

Programme notes

These graded compositions for violin and piano was commissioned by the Engela Suzuki Violin Studio. The compositions encompass works for beginners to more advance works of approximately grade 6 standard. The aim of composing these works was to extend the South African composer repertoire of the students and to pose certain performance challenges to students that can be addressed from a pedagogical point of view. The works are all tonal and easy to learn because they were composed for very young – and in some cases very advanced – students. Each work was given a programmatic title to spark interest among the younger students and to enable them to relate to the music.

Music score

The music score of this composition can be ordered from the composer through the contact page. Please ensure that you provide the correct title and version/instrumentation of the composition that you would like to order.

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