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Op Sandverhaar

for voice and piano

Composition details


Voice and piano


Hans du Plessis


c. 3'30”

Year of composition


Programme notes

Sandverhaar is the name of a farm in the South of Namibia, on the border of the Namib Desert. It is called Sandverhaar because it is said that it is as if the sand sheds fur or get new hair after scarce rainfall. This descriptive landscape poem was chosen to be set to music and this composition was specifically composed for the 50th anniversary of the Nasionale Letterkundige Museum en Navorsingsentrum in Bloemfontein.


15 November 2023. 50th anniversary celebration of the Nasionale Letterkundige Museum en Navorsingsentrum, Bloemfontein. Tenor: Coert Grobbelaar; Piano: Rudolf Geldenhuis.

Music score

The music score of this composition can be ordered from the composer through the contact page. Please ensure that you provide the correct title and version/instrumentation of the composition that you would like to order.

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