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for piccolo and chamber orchestra

Composition details


Piccolo and chamber orchestra (2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 1 trumpet, 1 tenor trombone, strings)


George Fazakas


c. 5’50”

Year of composition


Programme notes

Kérésre translates from the Hungarian to “upon request” because it was written upon the request of George Fazakas to compose a work for piccolo and chamber orchestra in order to extend the South African repertoire for piccolo. In this work, I used an ambiguous Hungarian minor scale from which the theme at the beginning is constructed, and the piccolo floats freely and chromatically over the orchestra parts.

Composer's statement

Kérésre for piccolo and chamber orchestra is a composition that was requested by George Fazakas who eagerly wanted a new South African composition for piccolo. The title translates from the Hungarian to “upon request”. In this composition I used the Hungarian minor scale – a tonally ambiguous scale. This is the second composition in which I use the Hungarian minor scale – the other composition is A Wind-Up Doll’s Dream. I explored the tonal ambiguities of the scale, starting on C, in the two compositions. In Kérésre, I established C as a stable tone (although the neighbouring semitones of the G creates strong tendencies towards the G as a stable tone). In A Wind-Up Doll’s Dream I established G as a stable tone. Kérésre starts with a short theme that is used harmonically and thematically throughout the composition, with free chromatic lines for the piccolo.


11 April 2021: Domus Dei, Randburg, South Africa; George Fazakas (piccolo), Randburg Symphony Orchestra (conductor: Carel Henn)

Music score

The music score of this composition can be ordered from the composer through the contact page. Please ensure that you provide the correct title and version/instrumentation of the composition that you would like to order.

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